The Story

The story begins in one of the most famous clubs in Europe. As a man who visit clubs and discotheques all around the world I had experience to see many hygienic faults in toilets.
While I was waiting to use the bathroom, in one of toilets exited five people and entered the following four. I was touched by the thought of wasted time, many bacteria, and lack of discretion, so I started in my mind to create a product that would eliminate these problems.
The Royal Box is a perfect solution for hygiene problems. It’s compact dimensions can fit any wallet or pocket and its easy to use. We were also thinking about style so we made it from high gloss plastic and in cutting edge design. Soon we will introduce a color palette so you will be free to choose youre favourite…

This has resulted a product that offers you a fast solution and identifies with the slogan:



The dimensions are designed for any wallet or pocket like a credit card (86mm x 54mm x 8mm)

  • Weight: 35g
  • Materials: High Gloss Plastic, Steel, White Magnet
  • Available colors: High Gloss Black, Pearl White, Silver, Gold Pearl & Special Edition Series
  • It fits in any pocket
  • Extremely safe, clean and fast to use
  • Minimum order for resellers 100 pcs.

specThe Products advantage are its compact dimensions.
On the drawing you can see all the quotes in millimeters.


ROYAL BOX | Tobacco sniffing container

The product is specialy made for people who enjoy sniffing tobacco although it’s purpose is universal.
The product is made of high quality plastic material and steel pipe is included.

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